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Humanistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Woking, Surrey

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The 'value' of Psychotherapy?

Making the most of ourselves and our lives by doing the best we can, is a very basic motivational instinct that we all recognise within us. Each one of us has the potential to take charge of and influence our own life. Most of the time we seem to do 'just fine' but occasionally we experience ourselves or our lives as 'out of sorts' for a wide variety of reasons. Our natural instinctive reaction is to try to understand 'why' things have gone wrong and 'what' we can do to make things better again. Often the harder we try the worse things can seem to become.

Unfortunately knowledge, information and insight, of themselves, are not sufficient to bring about the change in our internal personal experience of ourselves and our external perception and judgements about our situation/circumstances. We need to become aware of and learn

The neurobiology of learning and behaviour

Over the past 30 years or so rigorous scientific and medical research together with advances in technology have been making extraordinary discoveries about the fundamental natural processes that underpin the creation of our thinking, feelings and sensations - the neurobiological basis that forms our awareness and shapes our responses to our own internal experiences and influences our perception and judgments about our external situation and circumstances - in summary 'how' we function as human beings.

In response to this pioneering research and emerging understanding of the neurobiological basis of learning and behaviour, new , innovative and highly creative approaches have emerged which are providing us with a theoretical framework and practical methodology to explain and work with this perspective.. It is changing the way we practice psychotherapy and guiding us in the direction of more effective work. If you would like more detailed information, please click on the link My Approach

My areas of work

I use this approach/perspective to work with a wide range of concerns including:

I also provide Clinical Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and Coaching and Mentoring for all those with ongoing responsibility for people as part of their work.

In addition to my psychotherapy practice I continue to design and run numerous workshops and seminars on personal and professional development through my business consultancy practice The People Partnership. This is for people who work in private, public and not for profit organisations. I also provide Coaching and Mentoring for individuals.

You will notice that I sometimes refer to services or events from other counsellors or psychotherapists. There are also links to other web sites that you might find useful.

Geographical coverage

My practice is based in Woking, Surrey. I also see clients from a wide area that includes:

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