Howard Widdicombe

Psychotherapy in Woking

Professional Support

Clinical Supervision

Supervision is often offered by psychotherapists who have many years' experience both in their own practice and in supervising others in their field of interest and expertise.

I offer individual, shared (peer), group and organisational supervision for those who are currently in professional practice as Counsellors or Psychotherapists' and those that work with couples and families. I also supervise Practitioners who work with families where one or more individuals has a life-long disability/impairment.

My aim is to support your clinical practice and help you develop your practice management.

My supervision sessions focus on developing greater confidence in clinical work through looking at specific issues through various formats such as role-play, case presentation, discussion and feedback and to highlight and deal with a range of issues that arise in the client/practitioner relationship.

I encourage each individual towards finding their own style of work.

Work Supervision

In work supervision the focus is on supporting and enabling you to work more effectively with more awareness and job satisfaction. It provides a confidential, non-judgemental environment in which to discuss strengths and weaknesses, explore different ways of approaching problems, talk through complex and sometimes highly confidential issues and develop a group of work peers.

It offers an opportunity (unlike a workshop or training course) to get to know and work on your own issues and how you, as an individual, do your job. Work supervision also provides an appropriate opportunity to stand back and consider your longer term career and work/life balance. You will spend part of your time problem solving particular issues and some on developing and/or clarifying personal goals.

If you would like to discuss your clinical or work supervision then please contact me.

Coaching and Mentoring

I provide coaching and mentoring for all those with ongoing responsibility for others as part of their work. This includes Individuals in helping professions and people using related skills in a work or management setting and people who want support in working more effectively (e.g. counsellors, therapists, teachers, mentors, trainers and group leaders who work with children or parents).

Participants in this group many already be in supervision at their workplace or may work in a setting where supervision is not available. This more personal, individual form of support offers an opportunity to focus on work issues for employed and self-employed people working in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

If you would like to discuss the support you feel you need, then please contact me.